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#2 Alpriate to Vila Franca de Xira (dirt roads, boardwalks, roads, wetlands)

#2 Alpriate to Vila Franca de Xira (dirt roads, boardwalks, roads, wetlands)

September 13th - Alpriate to Vila Franca de Xira

☀️It is 33 degrees outside and I love it! The heat and the sun makes me so happy!!! Had a very chilled start to the day, the hostel provided breakfast (bread rolls, cheese, yogurt) so I also made lunch! Which is always a good way to save some cash! I left the hostel around 10am. It was then straight back to the coast and following the water all the way, seeing more graffiti artwork, statues, and amazing bridges.

👉 The yellow and blue arrows then led me across a bridge and out into the countryside, just open blue skies with a few planes passing overhead.

🛣 There was some motorway walking, but it wasn’t for long and it wasn’t too bad! It was nice to reach the town where I’m staying tonight and my first albergue - Albergue de Peregrinos de Alpriate, Largo de Alpriarte (€10 euro) which is super clean and nice, it has 10 bed and is run by volunteers who are doing a fab job!

I also got my first stamp! Progress is being made! Im now stretching out in the sun and just enjoying life!

🎥 I am vlogging the trip and will be sharing the vlogs on YouTube. Make sure you subscribe to the tough girl YouTube channel so you don’t miss out!

🥾 My hike is being sponsored by @ciceronepress

Watch the vlog now!!!


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