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#22 - Taking the Spiritual Route on the Camino Portugués

#22 - Taking the Spiritual Route on the Camino Portugués

13th October on the Camino Portugués

👻 One of the options on the Camino Portugués is to take what is known as the spiritual route. It looks absolutely stunning in the cicerone guidebook and because I do have time and want to make the journey Last as long as possible- I’ve decided to take it!

🌑 Leaving Pontevedra in the dark this morning was a bit challenging. We had to be out of the albergue by 8 am I was walking at 7.45 am. There were certain bits through the city where the street lights were getting turned off and I couldn’t see anything! It was fine, there were just a few sections which I wanted to walk through as quickly as possible.

🥾After about 4K of walking along the central Camino the route splits off of to the Spiritual way.

😀I really enjoyed it, there was some more quiet paths and walks through forests, but it seemed to be a lot quieter than the other way with less pilgrims.

🌧 It was rainy and wet in the morning, but it soon cleared up. I did debate with myself if I should still do this route if it was going to rain and I still wanted to do it whatever the weather. At the end of the day if you get wet! You get wet!!!

🚿 The great thing with the Camino is you do have a bed and a hot shower waiting for you.

3 more days to go before I reach Santiago de Compostela!!! Thank you so much for following along with my Camino journey!

📚 My hike is being sponsored by @ciceronepress.

👉Cicerone has also got an awesome guide book about hiking the Camino Portugués which was written by Kat Davies @followingthearrows

Watch the vlog now!!!


My Camino walk is being sponsored by Cicerone!

Cicerone is a family run publishing company which have been producing guide books for walkers, cyclists, trekker and mountaineers for over 50 years.

There are over 320 guide books covering, the UK, Europe and Worldwide which are available in both hard copy and in e-books. Perfect for people who love to adventure and explore.

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