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#3 From Vila Franca de Xira to Quinta da Burr (beach life, pilgrim dinners, sunshine!)

#3 From Vila Franca de Xira to Quinta da Burr (beach life, pilgrim dinners, sunshine!)

⏩Day 4 on the Camino Portugués!

Leaving Vila Franca de Xira around 8.45am ish - heading 19.5 km going past Carregado and Vila Nova da Rainha to end up in Azambuja!

🛣 Previously the Camino was along the highway - no more it has been re routed to a gravel track which runs parallel to the train tracks.

🔥 My calf’s are burning, I’m still wearing the knee support and making sure my glutes are being engaged- which is not as easy as it should be...

💥I was super organised this morning and made myself breakfast at the hostel, really simple food a cheese sandwich, plus a slice of chocolate cake and an apple. I find making lunch in the morning, when the food is there the best thing to do as it’s a super cheap meal and a great way to keep costs down. Plus it’s so nice to stop out on the walk and eat outside enjoying the view!

🐂 Azambuja is a cute little town, the albergue has got 12 beds and opens at 3pm - it is first come first served and when they are full, they are full - no more room! Therefore you do want to make sure you arrived in plenty of time. The places are simple but it has a shower, kitchen facilities and a place to wash your clothes - hand wash!! No WiFi - but that probably a good thing!

🎥I am vlogging the trip and will be sharing the vlogs on YouTube. Make sure you subscribe to the tough girl YouTube channel so you don’t miss out! The link is in the bio!

📚 My hike is being sponsored by @ciceronepress.

Cicerone has also got an awesome guide book about hiking the Camino Portugués which was written by the awesome Kat Davies @followingthearrows who has been on the tough girl podcast to share more about her walking adventures - she has done the Camino Portugués 3 times and has done the PCT and a bunch of other hikes! Well worth following 😀

Watch the vlog now!!!


My Camino walk is being sponsored by Cicerone!

Cicerone is a family run publishing company which have been producing guide books for walkers, cyclists, trekker and mountaineers for over 50 years.

There are over 320 guide books covering, the UK, Europe and Worldwide which are available in both hard copy and in e-books. Perfect for people who love to adventure and explore.

Learn more about Cicerone here, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


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