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#6 Leaving Tomar and heading to Cortica and Ansiao! (Camino Portugués)

#6 Leaving Tomar and heading to Cortica and Ansiao! (Camino Portugués)

20th September - Day 10 - Tomar - Cortica 25.8km /16 miles

21st September - Day 11 Camino Portugués 🇵🇹

Cortica - Ansiao =19.5km / 12.11 miles

🌧 Rain!!! So much rain! But I had my rain coat (really old - I’ve had it since 2013 - but it still sort of does the job!).

There was a simple breakfast of bread rolls with honey and jam. I also made myself some cheese sandwich’s for lunch.

🥾It’s a very simple life on the Camino. Get up get dressed. Have some food, get packed and start walking. Stop for lunch either outside or at a little cafe, then walk some more. Reach the place you are going to stay, do the paperwork, get shown to your bed, unpack, shower, rest, have dinner and sleep. That’s it - super simple!

🎒 I think I’ve sorted out my routines a little bit more and my packing has become more efficient and things are finding their natural places.

😀I’m also getting to meet so many awesome people! Which in truth is what makes any journey!!

Watch the vlog now!!!


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