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Corey Melke Hinz - Type 1 Diabetic, Runner, Blogger & Expat Living in London

Corey Melke Hinz -  Type 1 Diabetic, Runner, Blogger & Expat Living in London

Corey is an American living the expat lifestyle in London. She started blogging in 2011 “Learning Patience” and has documented her adventures in cooking, running, traveling, and all things expat.

I’ll also be giving an update about the Tough Girl Tribe and what’s in store for 2017!

Take a listen now!! Just hit the play button below!!

Show notes

  • Struggling to deal with patience

  • Learning a little more about Corey

  • Dealing with a foot injury

  • Being diagnosed as a diabetic

  • Differences between the types of diabetics

  • Growing up and hating running

  • How running has changed her life

  • Starting with virtual races and moving onto trail marathons to relay races

  • Being diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes and how it impacted on her life

  • Why her goal was to just get running again

  • Trying to learn patience!

  • Recovery from injury and not taking no for an answer

  • Dealing with the worst year of her life and why she tries to be as positive as she can

  • Top tips for patience

  • How meeting her husband taught her about positivity and why she only hangs out with positive people

  • Her plans for the future

  • Getting into climbing and heading over to Austria!

  • Travelling

  • Final words of advice and why you should soak up all the happiness you can

Learn more about Corey by visiting her website and following her on twitter @CoreyLearn

You can listen to the Tough Girl Podcast on the go via iTunes, Soundcloud & Stitcher!



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