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Sacha Dench - an award-winning conservationist, adventurer and UN ambassador for Migratory Species.

Janey McGill - Explorer of people, places and thoughts. Crossing 800km across Oman’s Empty Quarter on foot #meetmeinthefield

Sacha Dench (aka ‘the human swan’) is attempting something that has never been done before – a 3,000+ mile circumnavigation of Britain in a specially adapted, green electricity powered paramotor. Because she can take off and land almost anywhere, she and the team will be landing to recharge and rest with the interesting and inspirational people around the country, the ones can show us exactly how climate change is changing our country, but also show us what we can do about it.

The aim is to set and beat TWO official Guinness World Records

  1. The first and fastest flight around Britain in a paramotor powered only by renewable energy. This is a record with real purpose. It shows Sacha is prepared to put skin in the game and push green technology to its limits, and proves that rethinking what is possible can be really exciting.

  2. The most pledges to act on climate change in 1 month via our global alliance with Count Us In. We need all ages involved, and this record helps us reach new audiences and provides another, clear, media hook. The global target for pledges is 1 billion people this decade and we want to get this off to a flying start!

Learn more about Sacha and the Round Britain Climate Challenge by listening to her story on the Tough Girl Podcast.

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Show Notes

  • Who is Sacha

  • Why she is known as the “Human Swan”

  • What Sacha has been unto since 2018

  • Setting up a charity in November 2019

  • Having a model of conservation and wanting to do more

  • Becoming a UN Ambassador for Migratory Species

  • Thinking about the issues the migratory species face

  • The impact of climate change and its impact on the birds

  • Being in Australia during the bush fires in 2020

  • How her mum lost her home and is now living in a caravan

  • The Round Britain Climate Challenge

  • Coming up with the idea in September 2020

  • Count us In

  • How people are turned off by the message of doom and fear

  • Being excited by the challenge message

  • Flying a paramotor with a petrol engine - could it be powered by batteries?

  • Wanting to speak with people on the journey around Great Britain

  • Getting the project off the ground to start in May

  • The challenges of the project

  • Not earning an income for 20 months

  • Needing self belief to continue

  • Being supported by volunteers and supporters

  • The challenges of fund-raising

  • Collaborating with numerous organisations

  • Struggling to get hold of the batteries needed

  • Joanna Lumley

  • Feeling excited about the challenge and starting in a few weeks

  • The challenges of electric power - Charing the battery and waiting for it to cool down

  • Starting in Glasgow and going anti-clockwise around the country

  • G7 Summit Cornwall, from 11-13th June 2021

  • How individuals can get involved and support the campaign

  • Race to Zero

  • Planning a safe expedition with Covid

  • Engaging with people while they are at home

  • Starting on May 17th 2021 (maybe!)

  • Planning for the expedition to take 6 weeks (maybe 8 weeks)

  • The plan for the next 10 years

  • The 2030 Global Challenge

  • What would success look like?

  • Wanting to change the narrative around the climate challenge

  • The Green Revolution led by the UK?

  • Being inspired by the Orkney Islands

  • Advice and tips to encourage people to get involved with climate change

  • The power of local solutions


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