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Ellie Greenwood - British Ultra Runner, who is a 2x 100km World Champion and 1st British women to wi

Love running? Do you want to take it to the next level? Fancy doing an ultra?

Ellie Greenwood - British Ultra Runner, who is a 2x 100km World Champion and 1st British women to win the Comrades Marathon in South Africa.

Listen to Ellie as she shares her running journey from PE lessons in Dundee, her first half marathon, before moving over to Canada and starting to run to meet new people.

She’s gone on to win some of the most famous ultra races in the world, some of her race highlight include:-

-Comrades Marathon (89km) 1st place, South Africa. (2014, 6:18:15, downhill course)

-Western States 100 mile Endurance Run Course Record, California, USA. (2012, 16:47:19)

-Comrades 89km 2nd place, South Africa. (2012, 6:08:24, downhill course)

-IAU World 100km Champion, Gibraltar (2010, 7:29:05) and Doha, Qatar (2014, 7:30:48)

Listen now - click the play button below!

Show notes

  • Learning more about her childhood and being sporty at a young age.

  • Where it all started with the Great North Run at 21 years old

  • The journey of how she made a career out of running

  • Getting her first sponsorship in 2008 and how that helped with accountability

  • Joining a more competitive running club.

  • Making the transition from running the marathon to her first 50K

  • Why having fun is so important while running

  • Her running goals and how they impact on her races and her race strategy going forward

  • Representing Great Britain and wanting to be the best she can be

  • Her physical preparation and training back in 2010 and how it has changed over the years

  • How ultra racing has changed over the years and become more popular over the past few years

  • Learning more about Comrades Marathon held in South Africa each year and why its such a special race.

  • Her first Western States and it being her first 100 mile race

  • Racing 950km in 2012 and being on a total roll with regards to wining races all over the world.

  • Dealing with injury

  • Her mental preparation for Comrades when she went back in 2014

  • Why having a running coach is a good idea

  • Her top tips for taking those first steps into running an ultra

You can learn more about Ellie by visiting her website or following her on Facebook

You can listen to the Tough Girl Podcast on the go via iTunes, Soundcloud & Stitcher!


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