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Follow my 100 day Appalachian Trail Journey.

I plan to share as much of my journey as I can with you. I want to share the high points and the low points, and allow you to experience it along with me.

I will be starting the trail on 3rd June and will finish on 10th September 2017.



I will be vlogging and sharing the videos on Youtube.

You can subscribe to my channel HERE.

I will be up loading the footage to DropBox when I have access to wifi and Flynn will be very kindly editing and sharing the content.

Check out Flynn's channel HERE.


Social media

I will try to update my channels as much as possible, but this will be dependant on wifi access! I will do my best!!

Here are all my links!

Twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL


You can support my journey by becoming a regular patron via Patreon.

Or make a contribution via Paypal.



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