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Helene Neville - Nurse, Grandmother, 4X Cancer Survivor, ran around the Perimeter of Continental US!

Helene Neville - Nurse, Grandmother, 4X Cancer Survivor, Health Activist who ran around the Perimeter of the Continental United States!

Helene is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and she has an incredible story to share.....

She’s always asking herself what more can she do; to inspire and motivate nurses to become better ambassadors for health and fitness.

During this podcast we discuss

  • After surviving cancer, numerous brain surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, at age 50 she wrote her first book - Nurses In Shape. To promote the book, she decided to take it on the road.

  • In 2010 - She become a transcontinental runner and decided to run across the southern states of America. It took her just 93 days to cover the 2,520 miles from Ocean Beach, California to Atlantic Beach, Florida.

  • She was the first person to run this route during the summer. Averaging about 25 to 30 miles each and every day.

  • Helene provides advice about how she got through the tough days when she was out running on the highways alone and why it was important for her to get into the zone.

  • Her inspiration to keep on going and to keep others going.

  • How she coped with the heat, tips for running in extreme weather and what a typical day was like for her.

  • Continuing her journey around the continental United States and dealing with her own personal challenge from the loss of her bother, to being diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma.

  • Why she has to just, “keep on going” and why you can always be an example to someone else.

  • What she learned from body building about nutrition and how its helped her to become a better runner.

  • Her top 3 health tips!

Helene is out there on the forefront of promoting health and is inspiring others to make a change to their lives. One mile, one state and one person at a time. Her motto is to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE & CHALLENGE.

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