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⭐️INOV-8 Hiking Boots Review - RocFly G 390⭐️

🥾I was #gifted their newest lightweight hiking boots - the RocFly G 390. Which I used on the Wales Coast Path - 870 miles in 50 days

👣I was walking approx 18 miles per day which = roughly 1,903,773 steps! 

Cost: £175

🥳What I loved:

* The weight 390 grams they are so light weight. It feel like you are walking in trainers but with the ankle support

* The fit for me - the boots work for my shape feet 

* Very comfortable - from the first moment I put them on your foot feels cushioned 

* Normally with trainers you get approx 500 miles before you need to replace them. The RocFly has done very close to double that distance. 

* They are hard wearing because of the graphene infused foam sole

* The extra cushioning helped with long stretches of road walking which is a killer on your feet.

Other thoughts

* I slipped over 2 times during the walk on steep descents - was it me or was it the grip? I’m not sure… probably more likely to be me!

* I did get two blisters on the side of my heel after 3/4 weeks. Really hard to say what caused the blisters…walking in torrential rain for 10 hours, wearing hard/rough socks which hadn’t been washed for a while, grit or sand in the shoe? I’m not sure - I did buy new socks and didn’t have any problems after that.


Compared to other hiking boots - they are a class above the rest. Especially because of the weight, the comfort and how much harder wearing the sole is. You can go for miles - as I did and you don’t need to replace them. 

It’s 5 stars and a 10/10 from me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. 

📍However, just because they suit me and work well for what I need doesn’t mean they will work for your feet. Every body and every foot is different, with boots/trainers/shoes the brand either fits you well and works with your foot shape and how your body moves or it doesn’t. Your best bet is to test them out and see if they work for you.

I would definitely wear them on another long distance walk. 

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