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Isobel Pooley - Record breaking Great British High Jumper!

Isobel Pooley - Record breaking Great British High Jumper!

In this episode we get to hear from Great British high jumper, Isobel Pooley who is a remarkable young women, she’s passionate, driven and loves what she does. Isobel has had a stunning start to her career, winning a medal at the Commonwealth games in 2014 and then going on to smash the British high jump record which had stood for over 32 years.

It hasn’t alway been easy for Isobel, she has faced challenges from a young age, being over six foot tall in her teens, and having to deal with random strangers coming up to her and commenting on her hight. She has dealt with loneliness, being unhappy and not fitting in. During this podcast, she talks openly on how she coped and handled these situations.

Isobel shows a real love for her sport and she has shown commitment and maturity in her approach to how she trains and how she gets the best out of her body. She talks about physical and mental preparation for competitions as well as what it feels like being in the big sporting arenas. While she talks, I could picture myself in the stadium, seeing what’s going on in her head as she prepares to jump. You too will be able to learn from Isobel, she is positive, optimistic, and isn’t afraid to be tough as she speaks her mind about topics she feels strongly about.

Isobel has been on a journey of discovery, building her confidence and belief in what she can accomplish in the high jump. She now knows who she is, what drives her and she has finally accepted herself and her height and sees it for what it really is, a unique and special gift. She is one of Britain's great hopes for Rio in 2016 and I know after listing to this you will understand why she’s so good at what she does.

Isobel is on twitter @IsobelPooley do give her a follow and check out her website and blog to be kept unto date of whats she’s been up to. I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL please do tweet us a shout out once you’ve listened to this podcast episode.

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