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Jade Paveley - Professional Sports Car Driver for Mazda Motors UK

Jade Paveley - Professional Sports Car Driver for Mazda Motors UK

Tough Girl - Jade Paveley a professional sports car driver for Mazda Motors UK & competing independently in the Motorsport New MSV Championship for 2015/16.

Jade introduces herself and shares more about how she got her start in racing!

We also discuss:

  • How her Dad pushed her from a young age to try new things and purposefully put her in situations to challenge her!

  • Racing karts at 15 years old and how she found it at that age.

  • Moving from karts to race cars when she was 17.

  • The differences between racing verses driving on the roads!

  • Why self belief is so important not just for racing but life in general - and how you just have to get on with it.

  • Explaining the difference between racing and rallying.

  • Are women bad drivers?!

  • The experience of racing, the highs, the lows, the crashes, the adrenaline and the danger!

  • Top tips for getting over her nerves before the start of races.

  • Working closely with her navigator, Sarah while rallying and why team work and communication are so important!

  • Why its important to look to where you want to go!

  • Describing how endurance races work and what some of the tactics are!

  • Why fitness is so important, the training she does to keep her in the best physical condition and how that helps her concentration and focus.

  • Understanding how Formula One works and why there are no female racers.

  • Sponsorship for women in the motorsport industry - and why being a female in a male dominated sport has helped her.

  • Top tips for driving & why following the speed limits on the roads are important!

  • Jade’s career highlights so far, and her goals for the future.

You can follow Jade on Twitter @JadePaveley and like her Facebook page Jade Paveley Racing. I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL

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