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How to Cultivate Inner-Strength with Ultra-Endurance Cyclist Juliana Buhring

How to Cultivate Inner-Strength with Ultra-Endurance Cyclist Juliana Buhring

Ultra-endurance cyclist Juliana Buhring is a Guinness World Record holder for being the fastest woman to cycle around the world. In the process of accomplishing numerous physical feats such as her world cycle and overcoming difficult dark periods, Juliana has cultivated incredible inner-strength.

Juliana shared on the Tough Girl podcast how she melded difficult life experiences with great physical challenges to become stronger than before in every way. This woman is not only an impressive athlete but an example of great mental strength.

Cycling Through the Dark Times

You may be surprised to learn that this record-holding cyclist didn’t learn how to ride a bike until she was 30 years old. After the tragic loss of her soulmate, Juliana found herself in a dark place. She realised that the only way to save herself was to be proactive and take on a massive challenge. Juliana did her research and decided to become the first woman to cycle around the world.

Juliana finds that we thrive on purpose and challenge as human beings. This is why we often take on endurance feats. She recommends that you give yourself a reason to wake up every morning even if it’s the smallest thing.

When you find the right challenge to get through your dark time, Juliana says that the only way to become strong is to go through the dark places. You may be weak at first, but every challenge is a stepping stone to inner-strength.

“No matter how long it takes you, you do come out the other end,” Juliana said, “The more you do that, the less afraid you are of dark places.”

Reawakening Hope and Desire

The world cycle completely changed Juliana’s perspective. As each day past, she found her desire to have new experiences reawakened. Her will for life had transformed.

Throughout the journey, human kindness was a constant, and this renewed Juliana’s faith in humanity. When hit with bad weather and bike problems, people were always desperately trying to help Juliana. They wanted to give her food, learn more about what she was doing, and fix anything.

Some of the most incredible moments of Juliana’s adventure came off the back of a really challenging trial. She would put her all into summiting a mountain and at last feel the rush of being alive. From Juliana’s story, we see how much there is to gain mentally and emotionally from a physical challenge.

Using the Mind and Body

In 2013, Juliana competed in the Transcontinental race across Europe and placed 9th overall as the only woman racing. This fueled her desire to push herself and challenge her limits so she entered the Trans AM Race the following year. Because she assumed that her body would do whatever she told it to do, Juliana learned an important lesson when her knees collapsed mid-race. Suddenly, her body needed recovery.

Juliana’s philosophy is that the body is the machine and the mind is the control panel. Yes, it’s about pushing the machine, but you have to ensure balance. You have to take good care of your machine in order for it to work at its highest capacity.

It takes both physical and mental fitness to reach your highest potential. Juliana has a careful workout regimen, diet, meditation routine, and focus on positive thinking. She tells us that it’s all about being consciously aware of every aspect of your body and mind.

Winning Over Yourself

As time passes, the world is starting to see more and more that women are just as capable as men in endurance. It’s less about gender and more about being a racer.

Still, things aren’t perfect and there’s a lot of ego in the cycling world. Juliana was accused of cheating in a competition because she was doing so well. People couldn’t believe she could cycle like the men were cycling. Juliana spoke up against the accusations and said that she was there to have a good time and ride hard. Making a statement about her intentions stopped the accusations and earned her respect.

“The only reason you should do anything is for yourself,” Juliana shared. Competing in a challenge is for your personal enjoyment. You push your limits and focus on winning over yourself. Keep in mind why you’re out there and forget anyone else’s opinion.

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