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Kat Davis from “Following The Arrows” Blog - The Adventures of a Pilgrim, Henro, Walker & Thru-h

Kat Davis from “Following The Arrows” Blog - The Adventures of a Pilgrim, Henro, Walker & Thru-hiker…

Kat is originally from Melbourne, she spent 7 years living in Tokyo before moving to London. After a knee operation she was forced to forget about running and sports and walking was the only activity she could do. So far her quest has taken her all over the world, on epic walks, from the Camino’s, the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage, as well as numerous short walks in the UK. Most recently she has completed the Pacific Crest Trail which stretches from Mexico to Canada!

During the podcast Kat shares her story, she shares top tips and advice and why she believes anyone can get out there and go for a walk!

LISTEN NOW!! Hit the play button below!!!

Show notes

  • Kat introduces herself and shares more of her story

  • Moving from Melbourne, to Japan, to Toronto to London

  • Why she became a walker

  • What is was like making the decision to move to Japan

  • Falling in love with Japan and living there for 7 years!

  • Climbing Mount Fuji and why she did it every year

  • The meaning of “Henro"

  • Deciding to quit her job in 2013 and head off to do the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage

  • Dealing with typhoons, snakes & centipedes

  • The reason she started her blog - Following the Arrows

  • Why you don’t need to speak Japanese to do the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage

  • The enlightenment, prayers and ritual you could choose to follow at each temple

  • Doing it on a budget

  • The highlights and the challenges she faced

  • Getting to the final temple number 88 and the final challenge she had to overcome

  • The Camino Route and why it’s such a special pilgrimage

  • Walking the PCT - Pacific Crest Trail in 2015

  • How it came about and how she had to face her fears

  • Doing the research and getting mentally prepared

  • Dealing with injury just months before the PCT

  • Advice and tips for planning and preparation

  • Getting through the low points while on the PCT

  • How she copes when she finishes a challenge

  • Why her trail name was, “Hummingbird”

  • What future walks she would like to do

  • Words of advice for wannabe walkers

Read more on Kat’s Blog - Following the Arrows !


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