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Lizzie Carr - First person to paddle board the length of England via its connected waterways, 650km

Lizzie Carr - First person to paddle board the length of England via its connected waterways, 650km (400 miles)!

In 2012, Lizzie decided to take a career break and she spent nine months eco-adventuring in remote locations all over the world. She hiked through the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces of south west China before travelling to Mongolia!

Shortly after returning to the UK in 2013 she was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer which re-defined her and, ultimately, gave her a new sense of purpose.

Lizzie shares more of her story on the Tough Girl Podcast.

Listen now!!!


  • Growing up in Tenerife, being sporty and loving the outdoors from a young age

  • Being surrounded by inspirational people at work and how it encouraged her to take a career break

  • Spending time in Russia, China & Mongolia & the challenges she faced on a daily basis

  • How plastic pollution first came to her attention

  • Travelling by train on the Trans-Siberian railway - being offered chicken feet & vodka!

  • Dealing with vulnerability while travelling in Mongolia & learning how to take a step back from situations and assess them

  • Heading back to the UK and dealing with the reality of being diagnosed with cancer at twenty five, and how it impacted the direction of her life

  • How she learned to focus on the short term goals and milestones

  • What she said to herself while she was lying in the hospital bed

  • Quitting her job, not having a plan and why you can never have a plan

  • Friends, family, nature and how her values changed

  • Why she started paddle boarding as a way of restoring her health and fitness

  • How the #SuperSUPEngland challenge came about

  • Why she decided to take matters into her own hand to help people understand the scale of plastic pollution in our waterways

  • The challenges she faced on the waterways and how she kept on going during the tough days

  • Having great adventures in the UK & working as an Ordnance Survey Champion!

  • What she’s learnt from her paddle boarding experience

To learn more about Lizzie & what she gets up to please visit her website! She is also on twitter @Lizzo010


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