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18th November - Bezirgan to a wildcamp 8km past Gökceören 24.7 km

🇹🇷Monday, 18th November - Day 9 - Lycian Way, Turkey 🇹🇷

🗺 The plan was to leave quite early in the morning. My alarm went off at 6.45am and to be honest I’m not good in the morning, especially when it’s that early. I’d rather wait until it was light.

☀️ The big issue is the amount of day light we have to the distances we need to cover! There isn’t enough of it - so we do need to start walking at first light.

💧 We collected water from the Mosque and headed away from the village following the red and white markers. I’m was on the Komoot App with voice directions (we’ve named the voice Bob!) as we left the village we were joined by one of the dogs.

🐕 There was no tag on her, we tried shooing her back, but she was determined and joined us for the whole way! More about mini Bob later. The biggest challenge today was scrambling up a boulder field, which would have been a waterfall in the wet season. It was really tough going, there was no way markers and the bush was overgrown, it was all the spikey and thorny bushes as well! We could see where we wanted to get to, but it was brutal. We really wouldn’t recommend anyone to take the route that we did.

🥾 There was a further big push towards the end of the day to make up the miles and to cover the distance we needed to cover. Due to lack of water we were carrying 3 litres each which really does increase the weigh.

⛺️Super pleased with making it to the camp ground tonight. We smashed out the final 5k in about an hour, thanks to the route taking us down a rocky road. We also knew there would be lots of camping as we went. We kept descending, crossed a bridge and follow the river that followed the stream. There was a gorgeous hidden away camping area on the other side of the river. We got there with just enough light to get everything set up, have dinner and filter the rest of the water we had.

🐶Mini Bob is still here, not sure what to do with the dog! We don’t know how to get her back to the village which is now 20k away over numerous mountain passes and steep ascents and descents. She won’t leave us. The only food I had to give her was hummus- not even sure if dogs are allowed it?

Komoot Route Information - Day 9 -

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We used the Komoot App while hiking.

We uploaded the GPX tracks to Komoot and used this to help with navigation. The Komoot app also tracks us, and provides a lot of information such as distance covered, elevation gain and loss, there is also voice directions which you can turn on. Mine was called Bob…. (don’t know why!)

*The Komoot App was gifted and we also received sponsorship for this hike.

All of the tracks from the 23 day hike have been recorded on Komoot. Follow me @ToughGirl and follow Kat @FollowTheArrows

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