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#17 Stormy weather walking from Mavikent to Korsan Camping. Plus transfer to Adrasan.

#17   Stormy weather walking from Mavikent to Korsan Camping. Plus transfer to Adrasan.

25th & 26th November - Mavikent to Korsan Camping, 14.8km & stormy zero day and transfer to Adrasan

🇹🇷 Monday, 25th November - Day 16 - Lycian Way, Turkey 🇹🇷

* From: outside Mavikent to Korsan Camping

* Weather: cloudy with bits of rain 🌧

*Distance : 9.57 miles /15.4 km

* Accommodation: A hut in a camp ground - Korsan Camping

* Total cost: accommodation 150TRY (total), dinner 25TRY (each)

⏰ It was 7 am and it started to rain, you could hear the rain drops hitting the tent! It was time to get up and get moving. The last thing I want to do is to pack up a wet tent!!

⛺️We had wild camped in a random forest in between the beach and the road, after among our way out to the road, it was straight road walking for about 10k to reach the town of Karaöz.

One of the hardest things is trying to plan how far to go and where to stay, especially when the weather is being very unpredictable! We are having to take it stage by stage which can be quite frustrating!

☕️ We found a little cafe and decided to stop for a break to charge electronics and decide what to do next.

After speaking to the locals who shared more about the weather and the route. We decided to walk another 5k and go to a camp ground that had huts we would be able to stay in .

🌧That way we could avoid the worst of the weather!

🐱 We got to the camp ground at 1pm ish - the room is very basic, but there is a communal area with fire, sofas, a cat, a kitten and a few hens running around! It also has WiFi so I’m happy!

🛋 This is pretty much a Nero day and I’m just going to enjoy the time to chill! It’s still not clear what the plan is going to be tomorrow and if it’s even possible to do this section.

Unfortunately there is no road we can take as an alternative route! But we will figure it out!! At the end of the day, being safe is the most important thing and not taking any undue risks.

🇹🇷 Tuesday, 26th November - Day 17 - Lycian Way, Turkey 🇹🇷

This ended up being a rest day! An unscheduled rest day!

The night was dramatic with big winds, thunder and lightning and pelting rain! It seemed to go on forever. We could tell in the morning that it wasn’t going to be safe to walk the route we wanted to do so we adapted.

The owner of the camp site said she would drive us to Adrasan (for 100TRY)- where we would be able to continue the walk from! We booked into a pension for the night, a bungalow! With a cold shower (so I didn’t bother!). Plus it had a few extra guests!!!

Mosquitoes- we kept trying to kill them, but they just kept on coming. I had a spray (all natural) and I sprayed it all over me and it didn’t work! My face, specifically my right side has been destroyed with hundreds of bites!!! Not the best night sleep I’ve had!! Thank goodness I packed the antihistamines and anti itch cream!!

Komoot Route Information - Day 16 -

Komoot Route Information - Day 17 - REST DAY - Due to Storm - We came back and completed this section on Day 23, 2nd December.

Komoot Route Information - Day 16

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