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#23 - Travel to Feitye via 3 buses and dealing with lost luggage!

#23 - Travel to Feitye via 3 buses and dealing with lost luggage!

Here are some stats from The Lycian Way!

💚More info can be found on the @komoot app. It’s super simple to download and use! My handle is ToughGirl and Kat @followingthearrows on Instagram- is FollowingTheArrows on the Komoot App.

We took it in turns while out on the trail to record each day - the route, the camping opportunities, the water sources etc. It also tells you more about the terrain and elevation.

🎥 I have been filming vlog footage every day and if you search for tough girl challenges on YouTube you can subscribe 😀 - new vlogs are scheduled to come out every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

The Lycian Way 2019

Watch the vlog now!!!


The Lycian Way Vlogs have been sponsored by WaterWell! A super awesome company - who have the most amazing water filter bottles for hiking and adventures!

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I used the 700ml Travel Filter Water Bottle for the Lycian Way Hike - I then switch out the filter for a normal straw and use the bottle in my everyday life.

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Learn more about Kat Davis - Blogger, Adventurer & Guidebook Author!

Follow her blog at

Instagram @followingthearrows @katdavisphotography


We used the Komoot App while hiking.

We uploaded the GPX tracks to Komoot and used this to help with navigation. The Komoot app also tracks us, and provides a lot of information such as distance covered, elevation gain and loss, there is also voice directions which you can turn on. Mine was called Bob…. (don’t know why!)

*The Komoot App was gifted and we also received sponsorship for this hike.

All of the tracks from the 23 day hike have been recorded on Komoot. Follow me @ToughGirl and follow Kat @FollowTheArrows

Learn more about Komoot and get the App -

Instagram - @komoot Facebook - @komoot Twitter - @komoot

Komoot is the — The no.1 outdoor app for exploring the great outdoors on bike or foot. Share your tips and local outdoor highlights with others. #komoot


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