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What it’s Really Like Quitting a Corporate Career for a Life of Adventure with Megan Hoskin

Insights on Female Travel From Travel Writer Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent

Have you ever thought about quitting your career to explore the great outdoors? That’s exactly what Megan Hoskin did. Tired of life as a corporate business management specialist, Megan walked away and began a new life focused on soul-sustaining adventure.

Always one for adventure, Megan has mountaineered across the globe and has scaled some of the world’s most famous peaks such as Elbrus and Mera Peak. Megan generously shared her experience giving up a corporate career to build a life of adventure and what tips she has for others wanderlusting spirits.

Don’t Be Afraid of Whims

Years into a stable and normal banking career, Megan looked back with no idea how she got there in the first place. She did have an education in music after all! But what really lit her up was adventures in the outdoors. The corporate specialist would squeeze every expedition she could into her allotted 4-5 weeks of vacation a year. Still, it was only an escape, not the day-to-day adrenaline rush she really wanted.

At 27 years old, everything was great for Megan, but realized she had to do something to really live her life. After a night out on the town and maybe a few drinks, she’d booked herself a ticket to hike to Everest base camp. That one unanticipated moment of spontaneity led to a new life of running away to the mountains at every opportunity.

Megan shows us just how powerful whims can be. When we give way to all the expectations and rules we have on ourselves, our inner dreams come forward and the real magic begins.

Meet Like-Minded People

While her adventurous side began to break free, Megan ran into the obstacle of not having people to travel with. All her friends favoured the beach over a trying excursion in the mountains. Megan let nothing hold her back and joined an expedition of other people travelling alone. Her new go-to became going away, meeting like-minded people and having an epic adventure.

Megan shared, “When you choose to do these expeditions, you instantly have something in common.” Some people Megan met on her expedition to Nepal are still among her best and dearest friends.

In expedition settings, you build friendships and relationships you can’t replicate in any other situation. Don’t let being a solo traveller keep you from realizing your dreams. Build up a network and you’ll find constant inspiration.

Prepare to Learn

In 2014, Megan went to Ecuador to climb several 5,000-6,000 meter peaks. On Cotopaxi, she experienced her first real scare that occasionally comes with physical challenges. On Cotopaxi, Megan and her rope team had to climb as much as possible before the sun heated the snow in order to avoid an avalanche. While other rope teams turned back, Megan’s continued and they made it to a fantastic summit.

On the way down, however, things began to get very difficult. Megan and her partner were slipping and sliding as they descended and what should have been straightforward was anything but. Megan learned not to take anything for granted. The summit is really only half of the journey.

From every experience, you’ll have takeaways that you keep with you forever. Some may come in moments of fear and others in excitement. Prepare to encounter the unexpected and learn how to handle yourself when things don’t go as planned.

Find Your Inspiration

For a number of years, Megan knew she needed more adventure in her life to feel inspired and engaged, but she didn’t know how to make that happen. Megan revealed, “There is no immediate answer of how, but we subconsciously put things into place that provide the answers and opportunities.” Finding the ability to pursue your dream life is a process of moving toward what makes you feel purposeful.

If it was an easy decision, Megan said she would have made it much earlier. To step out of your comfort zone and what you’ve been working hard to build is a difficult thing. You wonder what other will people think. But more than that, Megan realised there are bigger things happening everywhere outside of the corporate world and things you can be doing that have an impact.

Build a Sustainable Life

Megan planned to quit her job and quickly get on a plane to Russia and climb the tallest mountain in Europe to think about where she would go from there. But a few days before she left, she received an offer for another job at a new company. Old fears and beliefs crept back and she accepted job. After she hiked Elbrus, she came back to a new job in a difficult working environment. Soon it felt like everything was falling apart.

Dreaming of her next adventure, Megan realised ‘escaping’ life once again wouldn’t change anything. She needed to stop focusing on getting away and start focusing on building something she’d want to come back to. That was a huge turning point. Megan had to allow herself not to feel guilty for giving up job opportunities she was lucky to have and create a sustainable life she really wanted.


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