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Roz Savage MBE - First woman ever to row solo across 3 oceans; the Atlantic, Pacific & Indian!

Roz Savage MBE - First woman ever to row solo across 3 oceans; the Atlantic, Pacific & Indian!

Rosalind “Roz" Savage MBE, is an adventurer, author, ocean rower and environmental campaigner.

Roz has rowed over 15,000 miles, taking over 5 million oar strokes, and spending cumulatively over 500 days at sea, living in a 23-foot rowboat!!

Show notes

  • Roz introduces herself in her own words and talks through her childhood and the conventional decisions she made along the way.

  • It took her 11 years before she realised what she was doing, was not making her happy and how she stumbled into the crazy world of becoming an ocean rower.

  • How she made the decision to change her life and the steps she implemented to do it.

  • Making the tough decisions to become free

  • Getting rid of the possessions that hold you back

  • How friends and family reacted to the change in her life and how she got to the stage where she didn’t care anymore about what people thought

  • How she went on to develop her own confidence

  • Being alert to the opportunities coming available to her

  • Heading off to Peru on her first expedition and how taking that first step, led her on a pathway to becoming an ocean rower.

  • How not to get overwhelmed by the size of the challenge facing you. Roz gives advice on how you can get past those feeling to go on and achieve your goals

  • Her motivation to keep going before she got onto the water and while she was out there rowing

  • Getting physically ready for the challenge and the mistakes she made on the way

  • The mental preparation she undertook before she even got into the boat and how her mental toughness developed while out rowing - she shares her mistakes, her learnings and how she made it work for her

  • Routines, daily habits and systems you can implement to move you forward in your life.

  • The highs and lows of rowing across the Atlantic - the challenges she had to face and overcome from broken oars, salt water soars, to the negative voices in her head

  • Why she could not quit the race

  • How she felt on arriving in Antigua and re-living that moment of celebration and most importantly getting a big hug from her mum!

  • Why having a clear vision is so important

  • Why she’s so passionate about the environment

  • What happiness means to Roz

  • Receiving her MBE and what it means to her

  • Opting out of corporate life and why companies need to evolve out of the corporate dark ages

Roz is on twitter @RozSavage, I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL

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