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Sally Kettle - The Life of an Adventurer after rowing the Atlantic Ocean twice!

Sally Kettle - The Life of an Adventurer after rowing the Atlantic Ocean twice!

We first spoke with Sally back at the very start of the Tough Girl Podcast, Sally was one of the first 4 guests. During the first episode we focused on her row across the Atlantic Ocean with her mum who she hadn’t spoken to in 10 years! Since 2015, I’ve heard her give motivational talks, and met Sally on multiple occasions, she’s become a good friend. Sally is also part of the Tough Girl Tribe (closed FB group for guests and patrons of the tough girl podcast).

Earlier on this year, her book “Sally's Odd at Sea” was selected for the monthly book club (run by Allison McArthur). So much came out from the discussion, such as the challenges of writing the book, feedback on the cover, working as a humanitarian aid worker, becoming a Personal Trainer and working with the athletes in the gym at the 2012 London Olympics, sailing the last leg of the Clipper Round the World, plus so much more! I decided it would be fab to get Sally back on the podcast to share more about her other adventures and challenges she’s been involved with.

Some of the adventures and challenges include: Qualifying as a humanitarian aid worker with Shelterbox and being deployed to two disasters. Joining the incredible ‘1st’ women from the Armed Forces to climb the Chemin De la Liberte. Recording a documentary about the most remote islands in the world. Writing articles for the BBC Magazine and presented them on BBC Radio 4, which included going to the Galapagos to write about El Niño. Sally also tried to row round Great Britain - but was picked up by the RNLI in Margate!


Listen to Sally on the Tough Girl Podcast EXTRA

Click here if you can't see the link below.

Listen to the first episode with Sally when she shares more about rowing the Atlantic Ocean


Show notes

  • How we know each other

  • The Tough Girl Tribe book club

  • Feedback on the book cover…

  • Finding out more about Sally and her life as an adventurer

  • How times have changed

  • Going against the norms of society

  • Being at peace with her decision about her career

  • Becoming a humanitarian disaster relief worker

  • Losing a friend in a Tsunami

  • Suffering from anxiety

  • Being deployed to disaster zones

  • Coping emotionally

  • Adjusting back to normal life

  • Not having to prove herself anymore

  • Having her daughter (after 10 years)

  • Going on adventures

  • Health and fitness after a bad pregnancy

  • The challenges with social media

  • Surviving for 3 years

  • Resilience training

  • Walking the ‘Chemin De la Liberte’ the freedom trail

  • The challenges of team dynamics

  • Being stuck in very challenging situations

  • Why journalling doesn’t work for you

  • The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

  • Not being great at sailing!

  • Needing to get off the boat

  • Breaking her thumb in half and being treated in Amsterdam

  • The Row around Great Britain and everything that went wrong…

  • Wanting to spend more time outdoors

  • Quick Fire Questions

  • The Well-beginners Podcast

  • A new children’s book!

  • Starting a new campaign - Active Pregnancy


For more information on Sally please see her website

Sally is on Facebook @SallyKettle

Instagram @SallyKettle


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