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Tough Girl Daily - 17th April - Special Guest - Stephanie Langridge!

About Stephanie

Steph is a 25-year-old Australian woman, who is an aspiring adventurer, Icelandic glacier guide, a yoga teacher, former Australian pole vaulter, and a bad-ass-lady-abseiling-window-washer. She is currently working in south east Island on the Vatnajokull ice cap as a glacier guide!

She followed her dream of working and adventuring in the poles, and moved from Australia 3 weeks ago to take up this position. Lets find out how she's getting on!


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Show notes

  • Speaking to us from Iceland!

  • Her dream and why this is a stepping stone

  • How it all started in Antarctica

  • Giving up on her dream

  • Waiting for the phone call

  • Becoming a rope access technician

  • Booking a trip to New Zealand

  • Getting the phone call & booking her ticket to Iceland

  • Dealing with the cold

  • Doubts

  • Feeling so tired from the long days

  • Being an Entry Level Guide

  • Getting on the Glacier

  • Why it’s about the journey

  • When is the best time to visit!

  • Working for Glacier Guides - which is part of Arctic Adventures


Social Media

Follow Steph on Instagram - @PolarSteph

Check out her blog!



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