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Susie Chan - Endurance Runner & Blogger

Susie started running later on in life, she used to be a single mother, who loved drinking and smoking, but running had a profound effect on her and after doing one half marathon that was it, she was hooked.

Two years later she was entering and running ultra marathons.

During this podcast we discuss:

-Her first race and what happened before, during and after

-How she swapped her bad habits for good ones

-Joining a running club and connecting with other runners

-Two races went on her bucket list- the Boston Marathon and the Marathon des Sables

-Advice for listeners who want to make a change in their life

-Why its never to late and age is irrelevant

-Her first ever Marathon - Running the Paris Marathon and why she had a terrible time!

-Do you need a training plan for a race?

-Why listening to your body is so important

-How she fits in her training around having a daughter and a full time job.

-How she didn’t make excuses, she made it happen

-How she trains and why she loves hill training!

-Make a “run date” and get out of the door!

-Her first Ultra race - Around the Island - 72 miles over two days

-The low points and the hight points and what she learned about herself

-How to train your mind and how to have the right mindset - Be arrogant and believe in yourself!

-How Susie met her husband and the connection between twitter, running and the MDS

-What happened during the MDS 2015

-Her top tips for the MDS

-Her next Big Challenge in the Jungle - The Jungle Ultra! Plus many more - 2016 is going to be a busy year.

You can follow Susie on Twitter @Susie__Chan. I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL. Send us a tweet once you've listened to this episode!

You can listen on iTunes, Soundcloud or Stitcher.

New Episodes every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 am (UK Time) in December.

Listen to Susie NOW! Click the PLAY button below!!


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