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Susie Cheetham - Professional Triathlete. 6th place at Kona 2015.

Susie Cheetham - Professional Triathlete. 6th place at Kona 2015.

In today’s podcast we catch up with Susie Cheetham who’s a professional triathlete and came 6th at the Iron Man World Championships in 2015.

Susie shares her first experience of fitness at a young age and how by deciding to join a running club, it changed the whole direction of her life.

We also discuss the following:-

  • The importance of trying new sports and seeing what works for you.

  • Getting back to basics - what’s involved in a Half Ironman and how her first experience went.

  • Discussing some of the myths that surround an Ironman - from drinking coke on the run to it being boring!

  • How to choose what advice to listen to and what advice to ignore.

  • Learning to take confidence in the decisions you make - for triathlons and for life.

  • The high points for Susie during an Ironman, as well as the low points and how she deals with them. From punctures on the side of the road to receiving a time penalty for dangerous riding.

  • How your mental attitude can change throughout the course and how having the right attitude can impact on your race.

  • Susie shares her tips on mental toughness preparation especially in the toughest races like Kona.

  • How to cope when your mind takes you to dark place during the race.

  • Advice, tactics and top tips for the open water swim for both experienced swimmers and novice swimmers.

  • Pacing lines, overtaking and tactics for the cycle part of the race

  • How you can have the best transition for you!

  • Advice and tips for the run section and why being comfortable is so important for having your best race.

  • Learn more about the Iron Nun and why age is just a number!

You can learn more about Susie by visiting her website, and she's also on

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