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Live video edition of the Tough Girl Podcast featuring PHASE Worldwide Patron Rosie Swale Pope MBE.

Janey McGill - Explorer of people, places and thoughts. Crossing 800km across Oman’s Empty Quarter on foot #meetmeinthefield

This episode was filmed live (via Zoom) on the 31st March 2021 at 8pm and was live on the Tough Girl Challenges Youtube Channel.

Thank you to all that attended the live event and to those who supported the 1000 Tough Women appeal!

This event has been organised to support PHASE Worldwide’s Start Strong UK Aid Match Appeal to support 1000 tough women in Nepal. The great news is that this means that any donations made to this page (until 25th June 2021) will be automatically matched by the UK government to support the Start Strong project!

The Start Strong appeal will fund a three-year project, starting in October 2021, which will improve maternal healthcare and increase the availability of high value foods. Through improving access to maternal healthcare and nutritional foods, whilst providing agricultural training for mothers, we can aim to ensure that children in Far West Nepal are given a strong start to life.

To make your donation to the Start Strong Appeal, please visit this page.

If you would like to find out more about the PHASE Worldwide Start Strong Appeal, you can do so via the Phase Worldwide website.


Listen to Rosie NOW!

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Show Notes

  • Introducing Rosie

  • Why Rosie is planning on going to Nepal

  • Heading back to the UK

  • Running LEJOG

  • Being inspired by her family

  • Running 20,000 miles around the world

  • Being heartbroken and struggling

  • Being inspired by total strangers

  • The amazing people

  • “The impossible is possible”

  • Speaking with Rosie in November 2019

  • Meeting Rosie in Turkey

  • Slick Chick

  • Wanting to run from Lands End to John O’Groats

  • Running North

  • The kindness of strangers! Getting a cheese boards at midnight!

  • “You can always do something”

  • Sleeping out at night

  • Being inspired by England and Scotland!

  • Her plans to reach Nepal

  • The old planned route to Nepal

  • Going back to Istanbul to run the marathon in 2023

  • Being a patron of Phase Worldwide

  • Helping people to help themselves

  • Maintaining her positivity

  • Being all alone and having to save herself

  • Struggling to find food

  • Almost drowning in a flash flood

  • The power of thinking of lovely people

  • Thinking of Clive

  • Meeting the Guardians of the Road

  • Wolves…..

  • Thinking about her perspective on life

  • 40 shades of silence…..

  • Wanting to write a book from the heart

  • Nepalese women

  • Small beginnings….

  • Dealing with extreme cold temperatures

  • PHD designs

  • Breaking her hip a few years ago!

  • Making sure you look after yourself

  • Shout out to members of the Tough Girl Tribe

  • The biggest lesson that Rosie has learned

  • Feelings are not the same as facts


  • Being worried about doing the podcast today

  • Wanting to have fun for Clive

  • Questions

  • Loving Wales

  • Getting through tough moments

  • The power of stopping to breath and think

  • My plans to visit Rosie in Nepal

  • Final words of advice from Rosie

  • Why 2021 is going to be a great year

  • Only do things you love!!!


Social Media

Rosie Swale Pope

Instagram @rosieswalepope

Phase Worldwide - Changing lives in Nepal

Instagram @phaseworldwide


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