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Tips for Making Your Adventure Dream a Reality From Record Holder Victoria Evans

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Do you dream of going on an incredible adventure or taking on an endurance challenge of your own? Making the leap of faith to turn that dream into a reality may seem like an impossible jump. Here in the Tough Girl community, you’ll find loads of inspiration to make your dreams happen.

Victoria Evans came on the Tough Girl podcast to share her journey of taking on challenge after challenge and eventually becoming the fastest female to solo row across the Atlantic Ocean. Making sacrifices to be able to complete this challenge was crucial to Victoria getting to live out this dream.

Whether a challenge requires you to quit your job, leave your family or step into significant discomfort, these sacrifices are obstacles that you can overcome to experience something amazing. Take these tips to heart and you’ll be closer to transforming your adventure dream from a possibility into a plan.

5 Tips to Start Your Adventure Challenge

1. Get Inspired By Your Cause

Working in the sports law field, Victoria often encountered behaviors and attitudes towards women in sports that she found unacceptable. This began Victoria’s work to change the landscape and led her to consider a challenge she could use as a platform to speak on this issue.

Victoria considered climbing a mountain peak, but once she met someone who was rowing across the Atlantic she was hooked. This passion and the shocked reaction of people around her showed Victoria that this challenge would be a perfect platform to discuss issues around women in sports.

Do you have an issue that you are passionate about? Have you considered how your dream challenge could contribute positively to that issue? Finding this inspiration can help you get one step closer to making your adventure dream a reality.

2. Make a Financial Commitment

What is the first practical step to getting past the nerves and making an adventure dream a reality? For Victoria, it was contacting the company that made ocean row boats and asking to see their operation.

For many challenges, the first step in planning an adventure is acquiring your kit. This step forces you to take action and commit. It proves that you’re serious about this challenge and will do what needs to be done.

Victoria recommends educating yourself on what’s required for a challenge and being practical on putting things into place. You then have to take the leap of faith to make it happen.

3. Be Prepared to Change Plans

Going on this incredible, more than month-long adventure didn’t fit easily within Victoria’s day-to-day life. For one, her company wasn’t interested in letting her take a sabbatical. Victoria had to quit her job in order to take on the challenge.

Victoria had also been in the process of buying an apartment and had to stop her search to use the funds for her adventure instead.

You may have to make changes in your life to make a challenge possible. This is part of taking that leap and creating something extraordinary.

4. Keep Jumping Over Hurdles

The path to getting on the ocean wasn’t a smooth one for Victoria. As she got closer to her start date, COVID-19 emerged and the world went into lockdown just as Victoria’s boat was ready. She was literally grounded.

As she tried and tried to get the start date she wanted, Victoria encountered countless hurdles and pushback. When Victoria planned to set off and quit her job, she yet again had to postpone.

Jobless and homeless, yet another pushback felt like the final straw. At that point, Victoria realized that she couldn’t keep telling this story that anything is possible if she let these hurdles stop her.

Victoria pivoted and took a 3-month contract at World Sailing to help with an olympic bid. She also switched up her career to become a freelance lawyer which ended up changing her life for the better. Victoria took the extra time to train, make connections and breathe new life into the process.

When countless hurdles come your way, don’t let them stop you. Keep jumping over hurdles to make your dream challenge a reality.

5. Remember Your Purpose

When encountering numerous obstacles out of her control, Victoria always had her purpose to lean on. Being so aligned with her reasons for doing the challenge drove her to continue.

Helping her remember this purpose and encouraging her throughout the way was a fantastic team. Victoria appreciated her coach as she listened and supported her through the ups and downs. Support from close family and friends meant everything, as well as the team helping her pull it all together.

Though the hurdles may seem endless, there is no end to the joy of setting off on your dream adventure. To hear more about Victoria’s row across the Atlantic and her advice for fellow adventurers, listen to the complete interview here.


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