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Tough Girl Daily - 1st April - Special Guest - Caroline Wellingham!

At the beginning of March we chatted with Caroline (my sister) from Raise the Bar Life Coaching as she shared more about her Make it Happen March Challenge!

The Make It Happen March challenge was designed to show you that by following a goal setting strategy and by staying accountable, you can achieve your goals.

Even more importantly, you can apply this formula to any goal you want to achieve in your life, at any time.

You can listen to this episode here:

"A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true."

Caroline has now come back on the Tough Girl Daily podcast to share how her own personal challenges went and what she leant from the experience.

Listen now!

Show notes

  • Finding out what happened for “Make it Happen - March”

  • Being blown away by what people have achieved

  • April goals

  • What Caroline has leant from doing a weekly review

  • Why writing down your goals is so important and having accountability will make you achieve what you want to

  • Caroline’s goals for March

  • Doing her 5 mile run each week

  • Why she decided to go on a 5 day detox

  • KFC!!

  • Being full of energy and making the healthy choices

  • Her trip to South East Asia!

  • Flying with Air Asia and getting cheap flights everywhere!

  • £77 flights to the Maldives

  • What she found hard in March

  • The end of week review

  • The e-mail which had the most impact

  • Why it comes down to YOU!!

  • How to keep your motivation levels up

  • Having a clear vision for her future

  • Having patience

  • Having a very clear vision for my life

  • What’s next….

  • The next challenge… 61 Days!!

  • Will you be half way though your goals by half way through the year?

  • Everyone is on their own journey, and not everyone will have the same goals

  • April Goals for Caroline - business, Instagram, health & other stuff!

  • Gary V - "Document don’t create"

  • Sharing the amazing things she’s doing

  • Having a photoshoot in the Maldives

  • Making it a monthly thing to chat with Caroline!!


If you want help achieving your goals - then e-mail Caroline -



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