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Tough Girl Daily PODCAST! Saturday 7th October - Women in Adventure #WAExpo


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Show notes

  • Alarm goes off at 4.50am!

  • Driving to Bristol with Kat

  • Arriving at the Women in Adventure Expo

  • Catching up with members of the Tribe

  • Problems with WAEXpo…

  • Too many choices

  • Catching up with Mollie Hughes & Bex Band

  • Open water swimming…. with Alice Gartland

  • Listening to Beth French (Potential future guest!)

  • Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent - great story and new book coming out!

  • Overcoming self limiting beliefs with Anoushe Husain (climber)

  • Catching up with Adelaide, Gemma, Jo, Arry, Squash…

  • Trying to vlog it!

  • Deciding to head home at 5.30!

  • Getting advice…. and not loving it!

  • Home at 10.15pm

  • Did you follow along on instagrm stories? (Follow @toughgirlchallenges)

  • Catching up with women IRL (In Real Life)

  • Too focused?

  • Needing to socialise and make more of an effort to meet people

  • A blog post? (Probably not!)

  • Make sure you subscribe!!!



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If you have questions regarding climbing Kilimanjaro - Please read - Kilimanjaro Tips for The Top


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