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Plans for Vancouver

Plans for Vancouver

The days are flying by not and it’s not long to go before I’ll be hoping on a plan and flying to Vancouver (4th September) ! I’m so excited, I’ve heard so many great things about Vancouver and I can’t wait to explore the city.

I’m meeting a great friend of mine over there, Camilla who I’ve know since I was 18! We’ve done a lot of travelling together and she has to be one of the best planners I know. I’ve very happily left her to plan what we’re going to be doing.

Here is small glimpse of some of the stuff we are going to try and fit in.

There is only one thing I have to do in Vancouver which is to get my bike sorted. Surprisingly I’m very relaxed about this. I plan on buying a second hand bike (max $300 - I really want to keep the costs down). I’m trying not to overthink this part, I think so many people can end up getting obsessed with gear, to the point where it stops them doing anything, as the gear isn’t perfect. For me, gear is gear, a bike is a bike, (and yes I know there are differences), but I just need a bike which is road worthy, isn’t too heavy and will be able to get me and my stuff down to LA before I pick up an off-road bike to do the Baja Divide….


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