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Verena Mei - Model turned stunt driver, who’s done drifting, drag racing and is one of America’s onl

During this podcast interview we get to learn more about Verena, her passion for racing, the challenges she'd faced and overcome and why she does what she does. She shares, advice, tips and will inspire the listener to go after their own personal dreams.

Verena Mei - Model turned stunt driver, who’s done drifting, drag racing and is one of America’s only female rally drivers!

“Life is an Adventure”

Show notes

-How she first got into motorsports and how she developed a passion for it

-Going to stunt school and the reason she did that first

-Coping with intimidation when dealing with a new situation

-Being encouraged to try new things from a young age

-What Drag Racing is!

-What’s she's thinking about while racing and how she can overthink things too much

-Why rallying is a whole other ball game

-Working with her co-driver and how she knows how to push her buttons to make her go faster

-Driving with her “ears” and not her eyes!

“Trust yourself”

-Transitioning from being a model to a racing car driver & the challenges she faced.

-Why it didn’t matter what they thought - “This is my dream” & why she had to make it happen herself

-What drifting is and why its so mentally challenging.

-Being in Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift - Why do you drift?! Money, fame, girls?!

-Winning her first Championship in the Red Line Attack Series

-Racing in Rally America & having to find sponsorship

-Tips for getting sponsorship & why you have to keep going for it

-The highs of her racing career & the biggest challenges she had to face and overcome

-Tips & advice for women who are wanting to make a change in their life.

“What’s the worst that could happen?!”

-Why more women should get involved in motorsport.

-Why women can end up talking themselves out of what they’re doing.

-Why women supporting each other can make us all stronger.

Verena is on twitter @VerenaMai you can also learn more from her website.

“My life is an adventure. I’m a big dreamer, and believer that anything is possible. When I have a goal, I work relentlessly to make it happen.”

- Verena Mai

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