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Why so many women are scared to adventure and recognising our female role models with Sarah Williams

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

I was delighted to be interviewed by Zoe for her new podcast HeadRightOut.

Here is our conversation which we recorded on the 8th September 2021 (2 days before my 40th Birthday)!

I hope you enjoy!

Words by Zoe:

“A powerful conversation with Tough Girl Challenges founder and Tough Girl Podcast host, Sarah Williams.

As friends, we easily cover multiple topics across our conversations. These include how to meet fear head-on and deal with it; why Sarah is inspired by two specific female role models/mentors and the moments in her life that nearly broke her.

Interestingly, she elaborates on how those darkest times taught her the most and benefitted her in ways she could never have imagined.

There are references to many long-distance trails, in the UK and overseas, with the Appalachian Trail being lauded by Sarah as the most life-changing for her, personally.

A female adventure epic.”

More info about the HeadRightOut Podcast:

In the HeadRightOut Podcast, Zoe Langley-Wathen talks to midlife women about stretching comfort zones and facing fears. They will highlight each guest’s HeadRightOut Moments and challenging the norm, mostly in the outdoors.

Feeling fearful about trying something adventurous?

Listen in to a hub of vibrant, honest and motivational audio content, designed to encourage women to head out of their comfort zone within the outdoors.

Featuring both the everyday and longer, planned challenges, Zoe invites stories from resilient women about facing their own HeadRightOut Moments, despite potential personal barriers.

With the aim to inspire and empower midlife women to question and remedy their own levels of resilience, Zoe knows first-hand the power of facing fears after beginning long-distance hiking, solo at the age of forty.

With life-long benefits to physical and mental health, particularly in supporting a positive peri-and post-menopause experience, she believes all women should be encouraged to try new things.

Though aimed at midlife women, all ages and genders can benefit from the impact of the messages offered.



Listen Now!

Click here if you can't see the link below.


Show notes

  • Intro from Zoe Langley Wathern

  • What get’s discussed during the episode

  • Recording on the 7th September

  • Welcome to the Headlight Out Podcast

  • More about Sarah and her past challenges

  • The Tough Girl Adventure Series

  • How we met in 2015

  • The area I’m interested in

  • My why - being interested in self development

  • Working in banking at 24

  • Wanting to do extreme things like running marathons, and tough mudder

  • Needing to make some changes in my early 30s

  • Taking time out to go travelling in 2013/2014

  • What is my Why? What do I want the next 20/30 years to look like?

  • Not having a plan

  • Having time to think while being in South America

  • Starting Tough Girl Challenges

  • Moving from blogging into podcasting

  • Building everything from scratch

  • 7 years of consistency and handwork

  • Showing up everyday

  • Sunday night blues

  • Feeling anxious and stressed about the week ahead

  • Re-finding myself

  • Having deep reflection time while been on the Appalachian Trail

  • Not having a purpose for many years

  • Starting to know myself and loving myself

  • Other peoples judgements of me

  • Having to live with myself

  • Spending time with myself

  • Finding outdoor medicine

  • Why the outdoors is great for problem solving

  • Why are women scared of going on adventure

  • Needing to be constantly aware

  • Why fear is not just one thing

  • Young girls being conditioned from a young age

  • My role model

  • Meeting Rosie Swale Pope in Turkey

  • Being inspired by Roz Savage

  • The power of social media

  • The adventure world for women

  • The amazing and inspiring women in the world

  • The power of women voices

  • Removing the middle man from the equation

  • Taking control of the narrative and the stories that we tell

  • If you can’t see if - you can’t become it

  • How do they do it

  • Women’s voices for the win

  • Being inspired by Gary Vaynerchuck

  • Thinking long term

  • 1000 episodes of the Tough Girl Podcast

  • Be patient and show up every day

  • The Slight Edge by - Jeff Olson

  • The power of being consistent

  • Thinking about my legacy

  • Sharing a wealth of information

  • Wanting young girls to follow their passions

  • Zoe turning 50 this year

  • Turning 40th on the 10th September

  • Feeling very happy and content

  • Feeling the privilege of ageing

  • Designing this life that works for me

  • Being in a good space and being excited about the next decade

  • The Tough Girl UK Adventure Series - celebrating the 6th year anniversary of the Tough Girl Podcast

  • Birthday Bonus episode every 10 years

  • Looking at the National Trails in the UK

  • How I want to celebrate my 40th…..

  • A few dogs stopping by to say hello!

  • Fears… and handing them

  • Reframing fears…

  • Building up a good tool box of how to handle tough situations

  • Having a Head Right Out Moment….

  • Messing up in 2015 and over training

  • Wanting to get to the start line of the Marathon des Sables, fit and strong

  • Drawing a line in the sand and proving to myself I could do this

  • Learning from failure

  • How to connect with me -

  • Thank you

  • Happy 40th and welcome to mid-life

  • Finishing with a quote


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