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Decision Made…

photo 2 decision  pjhoto.JPG

I was pretty sure what my decision was going to be, but I wanted to take the time to fully think through all the pros and cons of competing in the MdS in 2015. I decided the best option was to sleep on it and I woke up the following morning refreshed with my mind made up….

I decided…. to go for it.

I’m saying YES to the challenge and YES to the experience of a lifetime!

I’m going to be putting my money where my mouth is and I’ll be doing the MdS in 2015.

Tough Girl Challenges is all about inspiring women and girls to do the things they thought where impossible, to challenges themselves to do more and to be more, to dream those big dreams and to chase after them.

In order for me to inspire other people, I need to follow my dreams and do the challenges that scare me. It’s time for me to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

MdS 2015 here I come.

photo 3 choice made_edited.JPG

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