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March Body Update


I was really pleased with my weight and my measurements for March. I’m lighter than I was at the first January and there’s only been a slight increase in the size of my arms and legs, which could be my muscles getting bigger! I think it’s also interesting as the amount of training I’m doing is significantly less than what I’ve done previously.

1st January 1st February 1st March

Weight (stone)

10.3 ¾ 10.5 ½ 10.2 ¾

Measurements (inches)

Right Arm – 11 11.1 11.2

Left Arm – 11 11.1 11.2

Right Leg – 20.2 21 20.7

Left Leg – 20.5 21 20.7

Bust – 36.5 36 35.5

Waist – 31 31 31



March Body Photo1_edited.png


March Body Photo1_edited.png



I'm still not where I want to be. But this is a journey and slow progress is better than no progress!

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