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What's the secret to wealth & happiness?

I think this is one of those questions where everyone wants to know the answer.

What's the secret to wealth and happiness?

Many people spend their lives chasing money and wanting and waiting to be happy. But for many people these two goals are always just a little out of reach, it’s never going to happen for them. They'll not succeed. They'll never become “wealthy” and they don’t know how to make themselves happy.

During Unleash the Power Within Tony talked about wealth and happiness and shared the secret with the seven thousand people at the London Excel Centre.

Don't worry I'm going to share the secret with you as well….According to Tony Robbins....

"The secret to wealth and happiness is to become a team player."

- Tony Robbins

Is that it? I asked myself.

The secret to wealth and happiness is to become a team player.

It sounds too simple and easy!

I started to dig deeper and asked myself what do I specifically need to do, to become the best team player I can possible be? I want to be an outstanding team player and add real value to any team I'm a member of.

You may want to ask yourself the same question. What does being a team player mean to you? Comment below with your thoughts.

My next blog post will cover off my thoughts on what it takes to be the most outstanding team player possible.

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