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Team Player?

In my last blog post I shared the secret to wealth and happiness. Which according to Tony Robbins is becoming a team player.

What does being a team player mean? I asked Google and some of the best answers I got are below...

What is a Team Player?

A team player is a person who plays or works well as a member of a team or group. Teams in organisations need strong team players to perform well and reach their goals.

Characteristics of a Team Player

Committed: Team players should be ready to give more than 100%. They should be committed to being a part of the team for the duration of the project.

Collaborative: Collaboration is one of the many keys to success when working in a team. A team player should be able to coordinate tasks and work well with the other members. It's important for them to focus on the project and the end result.

Dependable and Reliable: Team players should be responsible and possess good judgmental skills. It's important for them to be consistent and to know they're being held accountable for their work.

Communicative: Communication is key when working in a team environment. It is crucial for team players to have clear communication with team members. They need to be confident in the message they're relaying.

Enthusiastic: Enthusiasm is contagious. Team players needs to have fun when working with their teams. In stressful times, a joke or laugh can go a long way.

Problem Solver: It's important for a team player to not get stressed out when something changes or something new pops up. It's important to consider different points of views and compromise when these situations arise. While it's important for team players to share their thoughts and ideas, it's also important to consider others suggestions.

Do you agree? Comments below.

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