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Ask Sarah: How Did You Do It?

Hi Sarah, I found your web page through Instagram. How did you do it? How did you go from sitting behind a desk (what I am currently doing) to doing essentially what you wanted? I have so many dreams and goals, but feel like I'll never have enough money, I'll never find another job, etc., etc. Especially the fact that I didn't attend college. That seems to be frowned upon by everyone these days, but that in no way makes me stupid. I couldn't afford college and learning in such a setting is very difficult for me. However, I digress... Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to e-mail me. I'm really glad you found me through Instagram! I'm also on Facebook, Pinterest and twitter!!!

I will try and answer your questions as best I can!

I think I always knew deep down that what I was doing wasn't really enough for me, I wasn't getting the satisfaction I needed or craved. So I started to look outside of my working life to get the fulfilment I needed, so I started doing half marathons, then marathons, I also studied for my banking exams and seemed to be making progress in all areas of my life (apart from romantically!). But I was getting promoted, I was super fit and I had a good life in terms of pay, status, etc. But there was still something missing. So I got more involved in charity work and started being a volunteer for UN Women in London which I did for two years. Great fun and I got a lot of personal satisfaction from doing that.

However, after a particularly bad few months at work (18 hr day, very stressful, no support etc), I'd finally had enough. I got paid my bonus and decided to leave. I could not stay sat behind a desk anymore I needed to take massive action and change my life which is what I did. I ended up travelling and going on adventures all over the world. It was fantastic! and I was loving it!! However, I needed to earn money! So I spent a lot of time thinking about what I was passionate about and what inspired me and what would I do if I won the lottery and didn't need to work again!

My passions have always been travel, adventure, meeting new people, inspiring people and generally making a difference in peoples lives. That was how Tough Girl Challenges was formed. I knew I needed to create a business I would be able to run anywhere in the world and that I could be free to do all the things I love. People always say you should do what you love and that's what I'm doing.

My tips for you..

1 Create a Vision

Go somewhere quiet and sit down with a pad of paper and write down everything you're passionate about, also write down where you see yourself in ten years, what will you have achieved? What does your success look like? Be clear with your vision and your goals.

You need this really clear in your mind before you start doing anything else.

2. Know Yourself

What are your strengths? Your weaknesses? - This can be both skills you have and things you have e.g. strengths- good with people, efficient. Weaknesses - credit card debt, lack of ambition.

Just be really honest with yourself. This will help you to work out what your passions and your skills are.

3. Take Action

While your in paid work, I would stay in paid work and start building your vision off the side of your desk (this could be creating your own company, designing a product, writing a book etc).

Work out and be clear about what you want - have a PLAN. Be clear on where you're going and consider all the risks and opportunities. First you may need to get updated in skills, arrange courses etc, get finances, relationships in order.

Everything here will need to link back to your vision. Set SMART Goals and start doing one thing every day to take you closer to your vision and your goal. You don't have to do it all at once. Its a journey.

I started off with one blog post and now I have over 100. Same with instagram and twitter, everyone starts with one and you just go from there.


I don't see you not going to college as a negative - to be honest in this day and age the best thing you could have done is started to work and not come out of college with huge debts. This is a negative belief you have about yourself. Remember many of the most successful people in the world didn't go to college or dropped out of college. Unless you want to be a doctor or a lawyer, don't worry about this.


However,I would make sure that you read, read everything you can - Leaders are Readers - Read as much as you can as often as you can. Listen to podcasts while you run, have audio books playing while you commute to work.

If you need more qualifications to progress in work, first decide if that's what you really want to do - does it link back to the vision you have for your life? If yes - get studying and get those qualifications. If no - don't stress it, focus on what you really want!!


Either spend less or earn more!!

No one ever has enough money and everyone always makes excuses, I don't have enough money, or enough time - BULLSHIT - you make the time and money for what you really want in life.

I don't know your financial situation. But some questions to ask yourself.

Do you stick to a budget? Do you know what you spend your money on each month? Are you saving each month? Are you good or bad with money? Whatever the situation is - first things first, know where your money is going every day. Keep a record and get control. Where can you make savings?- Do you have a starbucks every day? Buy magazines? Have the heating on full? Start to make small changes so you're alway saving some money each month. Create your fun account or your freedom account..... this should be linked back to your vision that you have of your life.

I hope this has helped in some small way!! Best of luck with achieving all your goals - make sure you've written them down as you're 90% more likely to complete the goals you write down. You may also want to create your own vision board!!

Best Wishes,


Sarah Williams

Tough Girl Challenges

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