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Meeting the Diva! Jane Kenyon

Jane is the author of “Diva Wisdom" a fantastic book in which she shares her own very personal story of growing up and the lessons she’s learned on the way.

Jane has spend the past ten years working with women and most recently teenage girls.

She wants to empower the next generation of women and encourage them to be who they are, to be authentic and to let go of “little miss perfect” and trying to be “superwomen”.

Jane first came to my attention as she is bringing Girls Out Loud to Liverpool and I attended the launch event.

Girls Out Loud is a social enterprise and charity foundation which goes into schools and delivers early intervention programmes from two hours to twelve months. The work focuses on embedding a more empowering mindset in the girls, helping to increase their confidence, self-esteem and emotional resilience and helping them to deal with the ever present negative body hang-ups and mental health challenges that are becoming more and more common.

Jane is a very powerful and inspirational speaker, and she has a mission, one that I can relate to and support. I followed up with Jane and arranged to meet her for a coffee as I want her to be a guest on my new Tough Girl Podcast. (Which she’s agreed to!)

Jane has a fantastic story and I can’t wait for her to share it with you in her own words! I’m going to be interviewing Jane in August for the Tough Girl Podcast and it will be released in September. In the mean time, go and check out her websites for more information on the great work she's dong and find out how you can also get involved.


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