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Tough Girl Podcast Update

I’d decided ages ago my launch date was going to be Tuesday 4th August (Tough Girl Tuesday!) and that would be when my podcast would go live.

In order to have everything ready by that date I needed to submit my podcast to iTunes for review!

This was the scary bit, I wasn’t sure how long it would take for them to review the podcast and get back to me.

I decided to submit it on Friday in the morning, so it would give them at least two working days before my planned launched date.

As soon as I had submitted the Tough Girl Podcast, I got a confirmation e-mail straight back, saying it had been received and was being reviewed.

Now it was a waiting game……

The following morning, I had an e-mail from apple confirming my Tough Girl Podcast had been approved!!!!

I was so excited!! Now I could really get the ball moving, in terms of telling more people about it, and knowing everything would be ready for the 4th!!

Don't forget to save the date and to tell all your friends!! The Tough Girl Podcast is coming and it's going to be awesome!!

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