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Tough Girl - Cheryl Hunter - Motivational speaker, best selling author and transformational expert.

Cheryl Hunter is a motivational speaker, best selling author and transformational expert.

Cheryl left her small town in Colorado and headed to Europe with the dream of making it big in the modelling world. What happened next almost broke her, she was kidnapped, raped, abused and held captive. The experience profoundly changed her and her outlook on life.

In this episode Cheryl shares how she broke free of her mental prison and cracked the code for others to use.

Cheryl is very open and honest about who she is and what the impact was on her life. She provides advice and tips on how you can also break free from your limiting beliefs and whatever is holding you back.

This is real advise, and real tips from someone who has made it work.

Learn more about Cheryl mission and how she’s turned the negative into the positive and what she’s learnt on the way.

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Every episode of the Tough Girl Podcast is full of inspiring stories of women overcoming great challenges. They provide inspirational stories, advice and tips to motivate and inspire YOU!!

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