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New TV Role - Regular Panelist for 52% on Bay TV, Liverpool!

Early on this year I was invited to be a guest on The 52% Show. Which is a bi-weekly panel & discussion programme on Bay TV Liverpool. The show examines and discusses topical issues from the perspective of women. I was invited on to talk about motivation, inspiration and some of the various challenges I’d done. It was a fantastic experience and one that I really enjoyed.

If you haven’t seen me in action yet - here’s the link to Episode 6 from Series One.

I received an e-mail from the producer in August, asking me if I’d like to come back as a regular panelist for Series 2!

About the series….

They’d decided to shake things up a bit and were doing a different format. Instead of having two presenters and two guests, they were going to have four panelists from a variety of backgrounds, who would be offering their own personal opinions on the programmes themes. Within each episode there will be a theme for general discussion, a ‘whats trending’ discussion about news and current affairs as well as the occasional musical/comedy act as light entertainment.

This is a great opportunity so I obviously said YES!! Filming starts on September 7th and the first episode will be going live on 10th September!

About Bay TV Liverpool

Bay TV was launched on 4th December 2014. It is a local public service broadcaster for Merseyside and surrounding areas. Broadcasting between 12 -17 hours a day on Freeview Channel 8 and Virgin Channel 159.

Bay TV Liverpool reaches over 2.2 million people and has an average weekly audience of 247,000 viewers.

Similar to the BBC’s motto of “Inform, Educate & Entertain” Bay TV ethos is to create informative and entertaining programming that is relevant to the people of Merseyside and the supporting area. The station aims to be the voice of the people of Liverpool and looks to showcase and highlight the enormous range of great events, organisations and personalities of the area.

All episodes will also be aired on the Bay TV YouTube Channel.

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