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Filming for The 52% Show has started!

It’s so exciting to be back in the studio, sitting on the sofa, having the mic put on and seeing the cameras! It’s a fascinating process to be involved in, to see how the content is created and how it all works behind the scenes. One of the things I do want to do is to go into the production room, while a show is being filmed, so I an understand how they edit it together and what they're looking for on the show and hopefully with that knowledge it will also make me better on camera as well.

Being involved in the 52% show is a great opportunity for me and fits in well with my beliefs and what I want to do with Tough Girl Challenges, its another way for me to get my thoughts and messages out there.

I’ve decided to blog about the different episodes and the parts that stand out and resonate with me. Partially because I enjoy writing, but it also helps me to get my thoughts in order. Plus, its great to look back and see were you started from and whats happened since.

For the first blog post about The 52% Show on Bay TV, Liverpool I wanted to introduce and let you know a bit more about my fellow panelists and what my first impressions were!

Lisa Simmo - I’ve know Lisa for a few months now after we met at a networking event and she was the one who originally got me on Bay TV The 52% Show as a guest in Season 1 (You can watch that episode here!) Lisa is a confident, outgoing, take no prisoners sort of women. She knows her own mind and is not afraid to speak it. She is an Alpha Women and very direct, she won’t be shy about coming forward!

Kathy Lawerance has had a interesting career to date and she has done a host of different things. She’s involved with The Boudoir Book, which is about empowering women through photography. I think so many women have issues with their body that this is a hugely important job to be doing. Kathy is fun, friendly, chatty and again she’s got her head on her shoulders and she’s not afraid to speak her mind and give her opinion.

Maisie Langridge - I feel a little protective of Maisie and I’m not sure if its because she’s so little! I do feel like a giant when stood next to her. Maisie is the thoughtful, deep thinker, she thinks about her responses and answers carefully instead of just saying what’s on her mind. Which is what I have a tendency to do - just blurt stuff out without fully forming the thought first! I feel as though I can learn a lot from Maisie. She has a background in linguistics and theatre, ask her to tell you about where Ms. came from and the connotations associated with it. Fascinating stuff!

I think its always good to meet people from different background from yourself and people who have different experiences to draw from, it’s what makes life interesting. It would be so boring if we all though the same and did everything the same. Variety is the spice of life.

I think we have a lot of similar views, but a lot of different perspectives on those views. Its going to be great working with these ladies, and it can only get better as we get to know each other as we go through the journey of being a panelist for 52%.

The 52% Show on Bay TV Liverpool is available on Freeview Channel 8 and Virgin Channel 159. If you’re not local to the area you can also watch re-runs on Bay TVs YouTube Channel.

Become a part to the conversation and tweet @52Percent_BayTV

hashtag #52.

We want to hear from you, we want to know what you’re thinking!!!

Do you agree or disagree? Let’s engage and have the tough conversations.

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