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The Lemon Juice Challenge

Lemon Juice is amazing for my body - It could also be amazing for you as well!

Like everything I say in my blog. Everyone is different, and just because this works for me does not mean it will work for you as well.

By all means try it, but listen to your body, if you start to have reactions to the lemons stop!! Listen to your body.

The lemon juice challenge as I call it, is a way to alkalise your body over a period of 12 days.

It’s a very simple process.

Day 1 - Squeeze the juice out of 1 lemon and drink it

Day 2 - The juice of 2 lemons

Day 3 - The juice of 3 lemons and so on and so forth

Day 4 - 4 lemons

Day 5 - 5 lemons

Day 6 - 6 lemons

Day 7 - 6 lemons

Day 8 - 5 lemons

Day 9 - 4 lemons

Day 10 - 3 lemons

Day 11 - 2 lemons

Day 12 - 1 lemon.


Lemons are very acidic so be careful of your teeth!

Drink through a straw, and wash you mouth out with water after you've done the shot.

Wait for 30 mins before you go and brush your teeth.

Going forward

Having a slice of lemon in tepid water in the morning is a great way to start your day. It gets your digestion working and in the right mood to receive and deal with food.

I’d also recommend adding slices of lemon to your water during the day as it the easier and simplest way of alkalising your body.

If you do the Lemon Challenge - Let me know how you get on and comment below!

Good luck! Your body will thank you for it.

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