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Tough Girl - Ali Young - She runs every distance from 800 m to 24hr endurance races!

I first noticed Ali Young on twitter, as she’d just completed a 24 hr endurance running race! I was really interested in the whole event and wanted to understand more about it. Plus I thought it would make an awesome episode for the tough girl podcast!

In this episode we talk all about running, whether it’s 800 m sprints, 5K park runs, trying to break the 3 hr barrier for the London Marathon as well as ultra running races, such as the Marathon Des Sables and Endure 24.

Ali is a personal trainer and certified running coach and has loads of top tips.

She discusses: -

• Goal setting

• Training

• How to run faster

• Different runs you can do

• Ultra running

This episode will make you want to go for a run!

So put your trainers on, download this episode and go for it!

New episodes of the Tough Girl Podcast are out every Tuesday at 7 am. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out!!

If you’ve enjoyed this episode then please send Ali at tweet @AliJYoung. I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL.

You can listen to Ali NOW - Click the PLAY button below!!

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