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The 19 things I learned from Cliff J. Ravenscraft - The Granddaddy of Podcasting!

Back in 2005 he started a podcast about Lost - the TV show. By his 3rd episode he was getting over 17,000 downloads!

Cliff was one of the key speakers at New Media Europe (NMEU). This was a fantastic experience getting to listen to Cliff talk live. He’s one of the podcast experts! He’s helped to launch countless podcasts and has supported and encouraged other people to launch their own successful podcasts.

These are the 19 takeaways that I got from his talk.

  1. Some people won’t like you, but that’s ok.

  2. Keeping doing what you love and keep putting your show out there.

  3. Become so excellent at what you do, people will pay you to do it.

  4. Do you communicate a clear message?

  5. Be who you are, show the world. “This is who I am”

  6. Just be yourself.

  7. Build a relationship with your audience.

  8. Do you know your audience?

  9. People want to feel cared about.

  10. Engage with their content.

  11. Go to their news feed first. Read about what they’ve been doing.

  12. Learn about the lives of the people you connect with on social media.

  13. How can you serve those people?

  14. Ask your listeners questions - What was it in this episode that touched you the most?

  15. Always respond with a question to anyone who tweets you.

  16. Remember the dates that people tell you, give your guests shout-outs! Make them feel special.

  17. “Do for some what you wish you could do for everyone” - Andy Stanley.

  18. Build environments of community - e.g. Facebook groups, periscope, blab etc.

  19. “Find something you love so much, that you would be willing to do it all day for free, then become so great at that one thing that people would be willing to pay you to do it..”

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