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Tough Girl - Megan Fletcher - GB Judo Athlete - Commonwealth Champion Glasgow 2014

In this podcast we talk about:

  • How Megan first got into Judo and what she loves about it.

  • Taking it to the next step and deciding to train full time

  • How Judo built her internal self confidence

  • Why she wants to be the best in the world

  • Jumping from a green belt to a black belt at 15 years old

  • The grading route verses the competitive route

  • Coping with being diagnosed with OCD at a young age

  • How her OCD impacted on her Judo

  • Competing at the Cadet Europeans

  • How it works at Judo competitions

  • The four main ways you can win in Judo

  • The struggle to win and perform at a junior level

  • How she needed to change her judo style to become a better athlete

  • Keeping the faith and not giving up when she wasn’t getting the results

  • Preparation for the Commonwealth Games

“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday”

  • Why you need to focus on YOU!

  • Facing her nemesis! - Sally Conway in the semi-finals of the Commonwealth Games

  • Getting over her own mental block of being able to beat Sally

  • Do you attack or defend - what are the pro/cons?

  • Why the right decisions are sometimes the hardest

  • Why she dedicated her Gold Medal to her coach - Don Werner

  • What’s next for Megan?

  • The tactics she thinks about when she steps onto the mat

  • Why you should go and give judo a try!

  • Surviving the arm bar from Ronda Rousey!

  • Her future….. UFC fighter or teacher?

Give a shout out to Megan on Twitter @megs_feltcher1

I'm also on Twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL

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On Thursday I’ll be speaking with Arctic Explorer, Felicity Aston MBE about her Guinness World Record, when she became the first women to ski alone across Antarctic in 2012.

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