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2 New Episodes of the Tough Girl Podcast! #SistersWithSledges

This week on the Tough Girl Podcast we’re talking to the women behind the Ex Ice Maidens Challenge. A British Army team of Women who’ll attempt to cross the Antarctic landmass under their own power. The team will walk 1700km in temperatures down of - 80C and wind speeds of over 60mph.

Nics Wetherill and Nat Taylor are Doctors in the British Army, between them they’ve done adventure racing, Ironman competitions, competed in the World Winter Triathlon Championship as well as participating in ultra races such as the 6633 Ultra Race, a 350 km footrace across the Canadian Arctic. Which is known as the Toughest, Coldest and Windiest Extreme Ultra Marathon on the Planet!

Both are now in training for the Ex Ice Maiden Challenge planned for 2017. Listen to these inspirational women and pick up tops tips and advice that you’ll be able to apply to YOUR life.

These episodes will motivate and inspire you! Enjoy!

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