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Tough Girl - Elisabet Barnes - Ultra Runner, Coach & Marathon des Sables 2015 Winner

Here’s what Elisabet has to say about the race, “The MDS is a magical race and I can honestly say that the two times I have run it (2012 + 2015), it has been a life changing experience in different respects. Whether you look at it as a fun holiday, a race, a trek or an adventure that has been on your bucket list for 20+ years you probably won't be disappointed. It can be as hard as you want it to be (or harder!) and it will likely test your physical and mental strength to the limits. The sun is ruthless, the terrain is brutal, the scenery is quite something and you will make friends for life.”

During this podcast we discuss a variety of topics, from how she got into ultra running, how the focus of her life changed, and how she trained for an event like the MDS. Elisabet, has a great story and shares some of the challenges she’s faced and overcome. Providing top tips and advice which will motivate and inspire YOU!

Discussion points:

  • After you’ve run a marathon - what’s next?

  • How personal events impacted on her and made her really reflect on what she wanted to do with her life

  • The reason behind signing up for the Marathon des Sables

  • Going through tough times with her husband and why having the MDS as a goal helped them to move forward and to look to the future

  • Explaining what the MDS is, what’s involved; from the distance, to the type of race, and how it works with regards to kit, preparation and daily routines

  • Her goal for the 2012 race along with training tips

  • The myths of MDS and setting them straight

  • Why walking the race can be harder than running, and why you need to adapt your pace to the race you're doing

  • Highlights from the race, and what it was like doing the race with her husband

  • How the MDS consumed her mind and why she had go back in 2015

  • The differences between the 2012 and 2015 race

  • Building ultra endurance and how it can take time to develop

  • Why planning is so important!

  • Tips for adapting to the heat of the desert and coping with the mental and physical pains

  • How she keeps her mind occupied while running

  • How it works with navigation and map reading during the race and her 3 Top Tips for race goers

  • Why having a coach is so important to helping you progress in running


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