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You spent a winter in Switzerland working as a chalet host and wrote a book about your experience. C

I took up skiing in my thirties and everyone was so much better than me! All my friends would be zooming off and I would be stuck on the baby slopes. I loved the skiing but, I hated being so rubbish at it. With skiing holidays you normally only go for a week, by the time you start to get good, you have to head home. I knew I was never going to get good at skiing by only skiing for a week at a time with a year break in between. So while I was on my gap year, which was turning out to be slightly longer than a year! I decided why not go and do a ski season!! I would then get the opportunity to spend six months in the mountains and get better at skiing!

My book gives the reader everything they want to know about how to get a job in a ski resort, it gives you top tips on how to ace the interview and what the interviewers are looking for. I also give advice and tips for when you’re out their on what to expect, how to handle the difficult guests and how to never have to pay for a drink in a ski resort ever!! I also give you the best tips and advice about how to cook the quickest and simplest meals (which taste and look amazing!) and how you can spend all your time skiing and not in the chalet.

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