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When did you first realise you had a passion for adventure and travel and were there any strong infl

I can still clearly remember my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award back when I was thirteen or fourteen years old. We were about to go out on our actual expedition in Wales.

The challenge of walking fifty miles over three or four days was overwhelming. I honestly didn’t know if I was capable of completing such a challenge. Everything involved from planning the route, deciding what to pack, walking in walking boots! Everything was new, everything was strange and it was outside my comfort zone.

I learnt so much about myself and it did give me a thirst for adventure and challenge. It gave me an inner self confidence knowing I’d achieved a goal. I’d gone out and actually done it! I’d completed this adventure.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and The Duke of Edinburgh Award was my starting point.

Over the years the love of adventure and travel has remained and I’ve built on it and started to do more and more challenges. I didn’t know about any female adventurers when I was growing up. I’m sure women were out there doing it, but I never got the opportunity to read about them or to see them on the TV or to be inspired by them.

It’s only recently I’ve started to notice how many women are involved in sports, challenges, adventures and do amazing things, but rarely get sponsored and rarely get on mainstream news. Which is why I do what I do. So I can help to change that status quo and encourage the next generation of girls to embrace travel, adventure, and challenges.


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