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What can readers expect from your books?

After climbing Mount Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa, so many people kept asking me about it. How I trained? What it was like on the mountain? How my body reacted at altitude? I thought if so many people were asking me these questions why didn’t I just write it all down and publish it! Which is what I did.

So my first book, “Kilimanjaro Tips for Top” - shares my experience of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and it covers off a diary account of the adventure as well as a guide on what to expect, what to pack and the little things to be aware of e.g. Having cash at the airport to pay for you visa! It’s a really useful read if you're considering this challenge - which is totally worth doing!

I was still on my “career break/gap-year” when I headed off to work as a chalet host in Switzerland. I was in my thirties and everyone else was nineteen or twenty!

The interview process was an eye opener. Students rocking up to interviews and just not having a clue on how to dress or how to behave! Once out in the mountains being thrown into challenging situations; whether dealing with difficult and complaining guests or coping on living without parents. e.g. not setting alarms to get up in the morning!

“Chalet Hosting Your Step By Step Guide" is my second book and it’s aimed at students who want do do a ski season and its tells them everything they need to know from getting the job in the first place, right through to what to expect when they get to resort. There’s loads of practical advice and top tips. Covering off how to get free drinks, to getting out of the chalet in record time and how to cook the quickest, easiest cakes. A must read for anyone wanting to survive and thrive in the mountains!


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